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The Getty Alchemy Collection
by Merian, Matthaeus, 1593-1650, engraver; Grossschedel von Aicha, Johann Baptist, author; Brahe, Tycho, 1546-1601, printer
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Three sheets joined on linen mount
Topics: Alchemy, Zodiac, Magic
European Libraries
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Topic: bub_upload
University of Toronto - Robarts Library
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Engravings by Baldus of designs by Henri Aldegrever, Hans-Sébald Beham, René Boyvin, Theodore de Bry, Étienne Delaune, Ducerceau-Androuet, Albert Durer, Hans Holbein, Jean Lepautre, Lucas de Leyde, Jean Marot, Martin Schöngauer, Virgile Solis, Énée Vico, and Pierre Woeiriot
Topic: Decoration and ornament
Source: folio
Signatures: [B] [superscript 2] C-G [superscript 2] H, 220 +14 plates
Topics: Decoration and ornament, Architectural, Architecture, Architecture
Topics: Mechanical drawing -- Early works to 1800, Geometry, Descriptive -- Early works to 1800,...
Folkscanomy: A Library of Books
by Matthews, William Henry, 1882-
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CONTENTS Preface vii-viii Contents ix-xiv List of Illustrations xv-xviii CHAPTER I Introduction The Lure of the Labyrinth — Difficulties of Definition — The Subject and Object of this Book — The Lore of the Labyrinth — Some NegleCted British Monuments — Destructive Dogmatism : a Plea for Caution 1-5 CHAPTER II The Egyptian Labyrinth (i) Accounts of the Ancient Writers Enormous Edifices of Egypt — Herodotus : his Account of the Labyrinth, its Vastness and Complexity, and its Lake —...
Topic: Labyrinths
Getty Research Institute
by Langley, Batty, 1696-1751; Langley, Batty, 1696-1751. Ancient architecture restored and improved; Langley, T. (Thomas), 1702-1751; Millan, John, d. 1782
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Reissue with new t.p. of the plates of Ancient architecture restored and improved (London, 1742); see ESTC. Plates retain dates 1741 and 1742
Topics: Architecture, Gothic, Architecture
Topics: Early works to 1800, Gardening, Herbs, Landscape gardening, Therapeutic use